Nervous Reflexes


Localised, short reflexes

  • occur entirely within enteric nervous system
  • include reflexes that control secretion, peristalsis, mixing contractions, local inhibition
Central, long reflexes
  • Reflexes from the gut to prevertebral sympathetic ganglia and back to the GIT
  • Gastroileal reflex - signals from the stomach increases motility of the ileum and increased movement of chyme through the ileoceacal valve.
  • Ileogastric reflex - distension of the ileum inhibits stomach motility
  • Intestino-intestinal reflex - overdistension in one segment of the intestine causes relaxation throughout the rest of the intestinal tract.
  • Pain reflexes that cause general inhibition of GIT.
  • Defecation reflexes to the spinal cord and back to produce the contractions required for defecation.