• Solid gland about 25cm long.

  • Attached to the back of the abdominal cavity behind the stomach.

  • Its head is just to the right of the mid-line and its body and tail point
    upwards at an angle so that the tail is situated just beneath the extreme edge
    of the left side of the ribs.

  • The head is closely attached to the first part of the small intestine.

Exocrine Pancreas
  • secretes about 2 Litres of fluid/day into duodenum via sphincter of Oddi.

  • secretion increases 10 times postprandially.

  • secretes digestive enzymes from the acini and an alkaline (HCO3 rich) juice from the ducts.

  • alkaline juice serves to neutralise acid from stomach and to provide the correct pH for enzyme activity.