Hypothalamic Hormones


Corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF or CRH) protein of 41 amino acids acts on corticotrope to release ACTH and b-endorphin (lipotropin)
Gonadotropin-releasing factor (GnRF or GnRH) polypeptide of 10 amino acids acts on gonadotrope to release LH and FSH
Prolactin-releasing factor (PRF)
acts on lactotrope to release prolactin
Prolactin-release inhibiting factor (PIF)
acts on lactotrope to inhibit prolactin release
Growth hormone-releasing factor (GRF or GRH) protein of 40 and 44 amino acids stimulates GH secretion
Somatostatin polypeptide of 14 and 28 amino acids inhibits GH and TSH secretion
Thyrotropin-releasing factor (TRH or TRF) polypeptide of 3 amino acids stimulates TSH